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Connect your software and teach your application to send and receive SMS.

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Send Bulk SMS Campaigns

Create campaigns and send them to specific lists. Import an Excel with all of your contacts and manage it with lists. Analyse the results in real-time and receive instant feedback about your campaigns.

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Send SMS Landing

Create a page adapted to mobiles with our editor and attach it to a message, this way your clients can receive more information, reply, or directly call your business.

With images, videos, and call-to-action buttons

Traditional SMS are limited when sending promotions, special offers, or presenting a new product because of their limited text. With SMS Landing you can send bulk SMS campaigns with better visual impact.

More thorough Analytics

Don’t settle for less, know how many people received it and who clicked on the link, from what geographic location, and what kind of terminal they were using, plus much more.

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Send SMS from your application

Integrating SMS Gateway in your application is simple and offers you a multitude of options. Now you can integrate our API into your software to create two-way communication with your clients.

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Receive SMS

Hire a virtual number and receive instant replies from your bulk SMS campaigns, and gain two-way communication with your clients.

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Valid numbers

If you are going to send a campaign, save money but cleaning up your database thanks to HLR lookup and send to only active numbers.

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SMS from your Email

Sending a message is as easy as sending an email. Our platform converts the email into a SMS and sends your recipients a short message.

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