About Us

A little history

In 2009 the startup SMSpubli.com was founded with the idea of offering a simple yet powerful platform for small and medium sized companies to manage their own mobile marketing campaigns. This same year international clients like IKEA, MediaMark, UPS, Telepizza, among others… began to use SMSpubli’s tool as a direct communication channel with their clients.

A team, a family.

A team committed to guaranteeing our clients receive the best service. We love to simplify communication through SMS, and by listening to you we keep improving day after day.

Antonio Montiel

Account manager & Design assistant

Pablo de Benito

Software Engineer

Javier Frias

Software Engineer

Francisco Anguita

Software Engineer

Francisco Pozo

Indirect Channel Director

Laura Beltrán

Customer Support Specialist

Oscar C.

CEO & Founder

Monica Gruber

Head of internationalization

Hendrik Joosten

International Customer Support Specialist

Alicia Castillo

Finance Operations Manager

Hugo Conde

COO & Founder

Jol Ebrahim

Customer Support Specialist

Sergi Blaya

Creative Marketing Manager

Kaissi Ben

Customer Support Specialist


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