Send Bulk SMS

Create Bulk SMS campaigns, Send, & Measure

Drop Excel, Write, and Send

Create campaigns and program them to send at a different day, hour, and minute you choose. The programmed campaigns help you send messages even when you’re not in front of your computer.

Personalised Sender

Write the name of your company in the header of the message. The recipient will know right away who is sending the SMS, this increases your brands visibility, thus increasing your SMS opening-rate due to your contacts recognising your SMS.

Personalised Message

Use variables within the message to personalise with the name of the recipient or with whatever you need this way it will look as if your wrote each SMS one by one.

Concatenated Messages

If you need more space, no problem, you can write a SMS with more than 160 characters and you clients will receive it as one SMS.

Delivery Report

See and download the messages delivered in real-time. Have complete control over your campaigns with the reports. You can download the information or resend it via our API.

Secure Connection

Our direct connections ensure that we do the delivery directly from the operator in less than 3 seconds with a secure and high quality connection.

Unsubscribe Link

Offer the possibility to your clients to unsubscribe themselves free of charge with an unsubscribe link, you can also see who unsubscribed and their reason.

“Thanks to SMSpubli we send effective Bulk SMS campaigns & measure the results. Now sending hundreds of thousands in less than an hour is possible”

Helena Expósito, Communication Director Greendecor

Manage Lists and Groups

Organise your contacts easily with lists and groups. This allows you to select which groups you want to send your campaigns and simplify the sending process, also improving your campaigns impact by selecting your target public. You can create as many lists as you like.

Send Bulk SMS with Landings

With a few easy steps create a page adapted to mobiles with our powerful editor and attach it to a SMS, make your bulk SMS campaigns stand out, your clients can see more information, reply, or call your business directly.

Attach images, videos, and more

Traditional SMS only allow text content, limited to 160 characters. With SMS Landing you can send campaigns and increase the content without a limit on characters and with a better visual impact. SMS Landing allows you to include images, call to action buttons, PDF documents, Excel, take advantage of the potential Maps offer by guiding customers to a physical store or attach a corporate video.

Analyse how many and who has clicked

Thanks to a personalised analytics system of Landing Page we can know all of the access statistics of each user individually, who visited the page, from where, from what device, and much more.