Reports in real-time of who received SMS

See the delivery confirmations in real-time. Follow-up on your campaigns through a detailed analysis where you can see the delivery ratio of the sent SMS. You can also export the data in Excel or PDF and easily measure the effectiveness of your sent campaigns.


When the message is delivered you can see the date, hour, and minute of when it was received by the recipient. All of the reports are instantaneous and can be downloaded.


Sometime the terminal is turned off or outside of coverage, our system will keep the status report as unknown until the operator gives us more information.

Not delivered

For example when a mobile does not exist, the operator let’s us know through a report that the message was unable to be delivered, this process provides you with the most reliable campaign results.


We also provide you with the operator of the mobile where you sent the message. This information is valuable to certain advertising campaigns that target according to operator.

Want more analytics? Know who clicked, what kind of terminal, geolocalization...

With SMS Landing you can get delivery reports that offer you so much more in depth analytics, take a look at the service and let yourself be surprised but all the information you can obtain from your clients by sending them SMS Landings.