Number validation through HLR

Verify directly with the Operator if a number is valid & the operator it belongs to

Clean your database with HLR

If you are going to send a bulk sms campaign, save costs by cleaning up your telephone number list and send only to the active numbers. The HLR lookup is a call made to the operator to ask if the number is correct and if it is, if it is active or not.  Additionally, the operator let’s us know which telephone operator belongs to each number.

The HLR validation has a cost of 0.005€ per number.


SMSpubli checks with the operator if it is a valid number, this way we know instantly if the number is invalid therefor saving the cost of the SMS for the client.


Know which operator each of your contacts belongs to, including if any of them did a portability.

In Roaming

When a number is abroad and has roaming activity, check to see if it is possible to receive a SMS.

Mobile or Landline

If the number was provided by the client, it’s possible that it is not a valid mobile number. With HLR validation we can assure you either way.

HLR validate & save money

The main reason to use this service is to avoid unnecessary SMS sending costs to numbers that don’t exist or incorrect numbers. With HLR validation takes care of all of this.

You can also combine this service with the two step verification for SMS and also verify the identity of the person behind this number.

“Thanks to HLR number validation we saved 30% of call time in our Call Center by not calling wrong numbers”

Francisco Garrido, Manager of Call Center TuVoz

HLR from API

Validate the numbers from the API. Our API is very easy to integrate and very well documented. Integrate the number validation in your software and save your team work.


We know your applications could be the next big thing, that’s why we’ve developed our infrastructure in clouds of Google and Amazon to be sure that we can grow alongside you.


We take security very seriously, our API works in the HTTPS secure protocol, along with different firewalls so you can filter connections according to IP ranges. Furthermore, we make constant updates to our systems.

Fast delivery

Normally SMS travel along different channels, in order to reduce delivery rates we have connected our Gateway directly to the operators, this way we can assure you that your SMS will arrive in less than 3 seconds.

High availability

Our infrastructure runs on a cluster of servers capable of balancing the traffic and grow on demand. This set-up allows us to replicate a node in less than 10 seconds if any kind of problem occurs.