Send SMS from your Email

Send an email and receive it as a SMS

How to send SMS from your Email

Sending a SMS is as easy as sending an email. It’s as simple as sending an email to and our platform will convert your email into a sms, it’s that easy! Sending SMS from your Email is easy to use and it allows you to communicate more efficiently with your clients.

All you need to know is how to send an email

Activate emails to have access

The only configuration required is to indicate in your SMSpubli account which email addresses will have access to this service, that’s it.

Customised sender

When you write your email make the subject line the name of your company and the SMS will use it as the customised sender. Email SMS allows you to grow your brand thanks to the customisable sender.

Preconfigured sender

Optionally, you can also configure the sender that you always want to use. This way you don’t have to fill out the subject line of each email you send, it would automatically use the sender you configured in your account.

Use it wherever you want

Begin using it immediately because all the know-how necessary is how to send an email. Send SMS from email is compatible with all email services. It’s a fast and easy solution to incorporate SMS into your company.

Visualise the reports of the sent SMS from the platform and control the messages sent.

Concatenated SMS

Send SMS up to 459 characters or configure it to never exceed the 160 characters.

Delete the signature

Indicate how your email signature begins and our system will automatically remove it when sending the SMS.


Control from which email addresses you would like it possible to send SMS.

“We send SMS from Email because it’s the fastest integration we have seen. Our whole team knew how to use it in under a minute”

Santiago Maldonado, product manager of Design & Style

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