Send and Receive SMS from your software with SMS Gateway

Create applications that communicate via SMS Gateway


We know your applications could be the next big thing, that’s why we’ve developed our infrastructure in clouds of Google and Amazon to be sure that we can grow alongside you.


We take security very seriously, our API works in the HTTPS secure protocol, along with different firewalls so you can filter connections according to IP ranges. Furthermore, we make constant updates to our systems.

Fast delivery

Normally SMS travel along different channels, in order to reduce delivery rates we have connected our Gateway directly to the operators, this way we can assure you that your SMS will arrive in less than 3 seconds.

High availability

Our infrastructure runs on a cluster of servers capable of balancing the traffic and grow on demand. This set-up allows us to replicate a node in less than 10 seconds if any kind of problem occurs.

Send the highest quality SMS

Integrating SMS Gateway in your application is simple and it offers you a multitude of options. Now you can equip your software with a new feature of sending and receiving SMS.

Program to send later

With SMS Gateway you can send SMS to be delivered on a different specific day, hour, and minute.

Delivery report

Receive the confirmations of delivery from the terminals of your software. Every time the operator notifies us that a message was delivered we send a delivery report to your application.

Fast & Easy integration

Integrating SMS Gateway in your software is fast and easy. Our documentation is direct, clear, and very easy to understand. Additionally, we offer source code so you don’t have to stress. Take a look at the SMS Gateway documentation where you can see everything you can do with it.

“SMSpubli’s SMS Gateway is robust and reliable, thanks to it we have 2-way communication with our clients”

Joseph Cymer, CTO Sharingtech

The Possibilities of SMS Gateway

Send and Receive SMS

With SMS Gateway you can send and receive SMS from your application on any scale. You can use it to send simple notifications or to send bulk SMS campaigns.

Verify numbers

Check to see if numbers are correct and is a valid mobile number with HLR. With SMS Gateway you can do a verification in two steps to verify the identity of the persona behind each terminal.

Manage account

Consult your balance, create subaccounts, assign balance, and control the whole panel from our API.