Send More Espectacular SMS with SMS Landing

Create a landing page in minutes & send it via SMS

Send more attractive SMS

With a few easy steps create a page adapted to mobiles with our editor and attach it a SMS, your clients will be able to receive more information, reply, or directly call your business.

Attach images, videos, and much more

Traditional SMS have limitations when sending promotions or special offers or presenting new products because of the limited text. With SMS Landing you can send programmed campaigns of any size and with a better visual impact. You can include images, call-to-action buttons, PDF documents, Excel, take advantage of the map feature that can guide your clients to a physical store or attach a corporate video giving more information about the offers so your clients can get to know all the details firsthand.

Individualised Analysis

Get to know all the access statistics on the level of each individual user, who visited the page, where, and from what kind of terminal, and much more.

Powerful SMS Landing Editor

Impress your clients and make your own landings quickly with our editor. It’s as easy as selecting images and componentes that you want to include and drag them to create your design. Additionally, you can include interactive elements like call-to-action buttons to see images, see maps, go to online shopping, direct calls, etc. Once designed, add it to a SMS through a short link.

User Analytics

“By including Landing Pages in our SMS campaigns,  we can analyse the interaction of each user on an individual level”

The information that Landing Pages supplies lets us know not only how many clients clicked on the SMS Landing campaign, but also who exactly clicked. This system is ideal if you want to later download a list of mobiles that clicked on the button ‘Please call me’ without the client having to fill out a form.


Who clicked

Know exactly which clients opened your landing page.


What mobile brand

Know which brand and operating system each of your clients used to open your landing page.



Thanks to geolocalization, you can see in which geographical locations your SMS Marketing campaign was the most successful.


Activity log

Discover when your clients accessed and where they navigated within your landing page.

“With SMS Landing Pages our campaigns are so much more impactful and effective. It offers a wider array of possibilities than traditional SMS”

Lourdes Rubio, Agency Metoo

Predesigned Templates

To make designing you landing page easier, we have made available a series of predesigned templates. Invite your clients to discover a new product or service through a landing page.

Create an interactive landing

In a few steps, you can change the way you communicate with your clients, thanks to landing pages, you’ll create a new and attractive contact experience.

Attach images

Include images in you landing page, you’ll make it much more visual and attractive. Simply select the image you want and add it to your design.

Call-to-action buttons

With just one click your clients can call your business, respond to the SMS, or get for more information.

Confirmation button

Through a confirmation button, your clients can let you know if they are interested in receiving more information.

Attach videos

Add audiovisual content to your landing page. In a few clicks you can include promotional videos, corporate videos…

Social media buttons

Give your clients direct access to your profiles on different Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

Unsubscribe link

Offer your clients the possibility to unsubscribe by themselves through a free unsubscribe link, you can see who has unsubscribed and their reason.

Who opened it & who read it

Don’t settle with just knowing how many people opened your SMS Landing, now you can know exactly who opened your SMS Landing. See the mobiles and contacts who opened the landing and download the list for future activity.

Where they clicked

You can also know who clicked and where exactly they clicked. This is ideal if you want to use a call-to-action button so a client can ask to be contacted without filling out a form. Later you can see and download this list.

When they opened the message, where they clicked, and what more they did… in an user-individual activity log.

The terminal they have

Our analytics give you the possibility to know what kind of terminal each of your clients have. This is interesting to know if your public is using the latest technology ($) or if you want to send digital content designed for specific mobile brands (iPhone, Android, BlackBerry…).

Geographic area

Where were your clients when they received the message. In large campaigns it is interesting to see which geographic area had the best response.

Integrate with Google Analytics

If you prefer, you also have the possibility to easily link your Google Analytics code to the the Landing Page, allowing you to take advantage of all the functionalities Google’s service offers, additional to the benefits our Landing Page reports present you. Use every last bit info, knowing all the information your campaign generates helps you optimise and measure your Bulk SMS activity.