Sell more with SMS Prestashop module

Integrate the SMS Prestashop plugin in your store and automatically notify your clients via SMS or send Bulk SMS campaigns

SMS Prestashop para notificaciones de pedidos

The module to send Bulk SMS, SMS Prestashop, allows you to send personalised SMS notifications to your clients and administrators every time an event processes in your online store. Decide which events you would like to send notifications for, choose between a variety of options like “new order”, “payment received” or “account created”.

This way your clients will be up to date and well informed on the status of their purchases and orders, greatly improving their online shopping experience and adding great value to the process of the sale.

Configure up to 25 posible events

Many events occur in your online store with each purchase. You decide which events your clients or administrators will be notified via SMS; plan your notifications and leave nothing to chance.

Personalised SMS sender and content

Personalise the sender of your SMS so your brand can be represented in ever SMS and create a direct communication on a personal level with your clients by personalising the content of the SMS with their name and information.

Envía SMS a tus clientes o a administradores de la tienda

Keeping your clients informed on the status of their purchases is important.  So is keeping your team well informed on everything that is happening within your online store.

Send Bulk SMS to your clients with SMS Prestashop

Send SMS campaigns with offers and promotions to your online store clients or to your own contacts. You can filter your clients exactly how you have them organised in your store.

SMS campaigns give a 90% opening rate with an almost instant impact given these openings usually occur with the first 3 minute after the campaign is sent.

SMS has positioned itself as the best tool of direct and secure client communication.

“SMS Prestashop gives our brand added value, our clients feel reassured after they receive an order confirmation SMS”

Gala Adrados, post-sales service Littlebox

SMS Historial, control who received it

See in real-time the sent SMS historial from your online store. You can do a follow-up on the delivered messages to the recipients of your promotional campaigns and client and administrator notifications.

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