Send surveys via SMS

Create personalised surveys and efficiently measure the results.

SMS Survey

Send surveys via SMS and find out what your clients think, all their opinions; receiving valuable feedback has never been easier.

Personalise the survey to meet your needs

SMS survey is a versatile tool that can be incorporated into and outside of your business, to get both feedback from your employees as well as you clients and associates.

Real-time Feedback

You can see your survey results in real-time.

The information that you gain is vital to optimise your resources and focus your energy where it’s needed.

Simple survey editor

The needs when creating a survey can vary depending on the sector or even when launching different actions within the same company.

Create a personalised survey thanks to our simple editor. You have numerous options available to you in order to make your survey as efficient and productive as possible.

SMS surveys editor

Analytics for each user

“Including a survey in the SMS campaigns allows us to get direct feedback from each client and address them individually”

The information that we receive from the SMS surveys allows us to identify in which areas we are doing a good job and in which areas we need to improve. This system is ideal if you want to do a quality study or measure the level of satisfaction of your clients. Check out the survey summary to quickly see an overview of the results or download a comprehensive report.


Notifications in real-time

Receive a SMS notification every time someone completes a survey

Completed surveys

Who completed a survey

Know which completed survey belongs to which recipient


Analytics and Results summary

You can check the results of the survey in a visual and practical way.


Download a complete report

Download a detailed report with all the information gathered by the surveys.

“Using SMS survey we get relevant information directly from our clients that would otherwise be impossible to know.”

Gerardo Peinado, RuralTrip

Ask to get answers

The process the client follows to complete and send the survey has been optimised to be comfortable, brief, and direct. Filling in the survey is not cumbersome in any way and takes very little time.

Summary of results

Quickly and efficiently consult the analytical summary of the results compiled by the survey.

All the information gathered is shown clearly through graphics in order to make the most of the survey feedback your clients provide you.

Complete report

The survey’s general summary is a good option to analyse the results of the survey’s principle features; however if you want to see in detail the results and comprehensively analyse the data you have the option of downloading all the information compiled by the survey in a CSV document that will simplify this process.