Receive SMS Online with your Virtual Number

Hire a virtual number and receive SMS from your clients


Receive SMS via internet

Receive instant responses from your sent SMS campaigns or have conversations with your clients or employees. You can directly respond to your clients, search using filters or export all your information. Receiving SMS is a free service, a monthly payment to maintain the virtual number is the only payment necessary.


Automatically resend to your Email

Every time you receive a SMS we can email you the SMS details (sender, message, date). It works with any email address you may have: Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo… This way you don’t have to enter the platform to visualise your received messages, you’ll have them in your inbox.


Automatic responses

The service of receiving SMS is used with the intention of offering another channel of communication with your clients and to establish 2 way communication. Receive SMS from your clients and personalise your automatic responses so your clients always stay well informed.


Your own number

Get your own virtual number and take advantage of the benefits it offers. You can hire local numbers in more than 35 countries. Each day we work hard to add more countries, consult the coverage and prices.


Receive SMS by API

Improve your communication. Receive SMS in your software with SMS API. Quickly integrate SMS API in your software and control all of your received messages from your own application.


We know your applications could be the next big thing, that’s why we’ve developed our infrastructure in clouds of Google and Amazon to be sure that we can grow alongside you.


We take security very seriously, our API works in the HTTPS secure protocol, along with different firewalls so you can filter connections according to IP ranges. Furthermore, we make constant updates to our systems.

Fast delivery

Normally SMS travel along different channels, in order to reduce delivery rates we have connected our Gateway directly to the operators, this way we can assure you that your SMS will arrive in less than 3 seconds.

High availability

Our infrastructure runs on a cluster of servers capable of balancing the traffic and grow on demand. This set-up allows us to replicate a node in less than 10 seconds if any kind of problem occurs.

“Having a virtual number allows us to receive our clients responses and find out their level of satisfaction”


Rubén García, head of sales of Autos Palscor