Resell with White Label SMS

Have a SMS platform with your own personal brand

Resell under your own brand

Offer our services under you own corporate image with White Label SMS. Work with the best tools to manage sales and send bulk SMS that offer a wide array of functions.

Your own domain

Become a White Label and resell our services under your own brand. You will have access to an administrator account which will give you complete control of your clients accounts with the autonomy necessary to run your business. Additionally, you will be able to use your own domain and personalise the platform with your logo. SMSpubli will remain completely anonymous, your clients will only interact with you.

Your corporate image

Personalise the homepage of your White Label platform according to the corporate image of your company. Choose between more than 20 templates with different backgrounds and colours. If you do not want to use your own corporate image you may be interested in becoming an  Official SMSpubli Distributor of SMS, company leader in the sector.

Your prices

You decide the prices you would like to offer to your clients, configure the prices that best adapt to your company. With White Label SMS you can create packages with different prices and even set special prices for specific clients. Thanks to White Label SMS you can offer the best SMS Marketing platform with your own price scale

“With White Label SMS we’ve added a new product to our portfolio and were able to generate new revenue from our current clients“

Laura Barrera Manager SunTek

Advanced administrative panel

We offer you a powerful CRM in order to manage your clients from the platform and access them from any device, computer, mobile, or tablet. Your users can count on total autonomy allowing them to create accounts, change information, distribute credits… all of this can be done by themselves without the need for you to do it for them manually. You can also send personalised invoices to your clientes with your logo and your details.


Ongoing training courses

Our expert team is in charge of giving the training necessary for our White Label’s to get the most out of all the possibilities of the market and platform. An ongoing training is provided so you can learn the know-how needed to compete in this sector.


We're here for you

We’ll be here for any questions you may have, you’ll have SMSpubli’s team here for you to help resolve any issues and you’ll receive personal consulting throughout your White Label experience.


All the best are included

Our development team is constantly working to help keep our platform the sector leader in bulk SMS Marketing. Each improvement we make will be available on your platform.

Accept payments

Facilitate your clients payments by accepting credit cards. Your clients can add more funds via credit card payments or bank transfers. With White Label you can accept payments with your own PayPal, Stripe, and any other type of the credit card payment.

API Compatible

Your clients also can use the API to send SMS from their software. Both White Label and final clients have the possibility to integrate the service of Bulk SMS into their own web application or management program.

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